Sparkling times


Our first Thursday tasting was Bordeaux and was well received resulting in some sales. Thanks to those who took the time to come.

Fizzy Red

This Thursday 21st July from 6.00 until 7.00pm at our shop/cash & carry at 142 Hamilton Road in Felixstowe we have some unusual wines from Italy’s Emilia Romagna region – a region better known in the UK for fast cars, fat singers, hard cheeses and old vinegars than for wine. As with most wines from this fascinating part of Italy, our selection for this week are all sparkling. Perhaps surprisingly though, they are also all red.

From our friend Patrizio Campana in Piacentini, we will taste Bonarda Frizzante and Gutturnio Vivace a draught keg of which is undergoing testing at the Five Bells in Colne Engaine. Then Lambrusco Rosso and Rosato (its almost red!) from Riccardo of Cantine Lombardini in Novellara and Contrada Borgoletto from Cantina Puianello in Quatro Castelli.

In addition, we will have the launch of the new incarnation of Bollicini Rosso made for us now by this last winery. A lower alcohol level of 5.5% means lower taxation and a beautiful new label design by John Sallows of Harwich means a stunning presentation.

Special deals starting at a fiver a bottle. Fantastic and if you are intrigued by the idea of fizzy red, come along.


Anne Mourllion from Maison Albert Sounit has confirmed that she will attend our sales tasting on Thursday 28th July which should be of particular interest to those who enjoy decent Chardonnay or Pinot Noir from Burgundy but have watched with dismay as the weakness of sterling has sent prices of Cote d’Or and Cote de Beaune wines rocketing. Although reputedly not from the poshest part of Bourgogne, these wines punch well above their weight and the delightful Anne will be on hand to explain all.

Solare Rosso in bin end stock scandal!

We exaggerated slightly when we claimed that the little stack in the shop was all that remained of this wine because we then found the other 18 cases in our bonded warehouse, so apologies to anyone who may have felt encouraged to stock up before it ran out. However, once those 18 have gone…………

Brouwerij Van Steenberge

Due to the gratifying if slightly unexpected demand, we have augmented the range of beers shipped straight from this excellent Flanderen Brewery with a few new ones including Grand Cru Augustijn, Bornem Dubbel and Celis White. Also now have some Piraat glasses with a six pack.




To those of you who spotted our ad. in the ‘paper and then tried to telephone us, we are sorry that the number was published incorrectly. It should have read 01394 548802.

National coverage

As ever, forward this to anyone who may be interested regardless of geography – we aim to mirror the day’s deals in our webshop at




Winefantastic was created in 2000 to import and distribute interesting wines. We have established strong links with producers all over the world and are proud to offer their wines. We also part-own Beerfantastic which brews beer.

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