Regular Box

Without wishing to “overblog”, I must announce our exciting new “Regular Box”!

Many of you have asked about the idea of a mixed case that just turns up periodically in exchange for a standing order payment. Much like the ones our larger competitors offer.

Well, after much deliberation over how it might work, we have formulated the Regular Box.

Here’s how it works.

You fill in our simple standing order mandate form selecting either red, white or mixed and then every two months a mixed dozen bottles of beautiful wine turns up at your door.

The cost to you is £37.50 per month meaning each box will cost you £75.00 or £6.25 per bottle average. We will heavily discount every box from the normal shelf prices every time.

Sign up before September 20th and get the first box for just £37.50. That’s £37.50 for a dozen bottles which, in the case of the September boxes, if bought separately would cost between £105.99 and £110.84.

You can of course cancel at any time.

We promise to only ever put fresh, quality wine in these boxes.

Forward this offer to anyone you know who might be interested. One Regular Box only per person under this introductory offer.



Winefantastic was created in 2000 to import and distribute interesting wines. We have established strong links with producers all over the world and are proud to offer their wines. We also part-own Beerfantastic which brews beer.


  • Very interested in the wine box concept….please let me know how to register for this…Kind Regards, Nick

    • Fantastic news! We were hit hard for this offer yesterday but have fresh stock arriving around lunchtime. If you come in before it arrives, I’ll drop your first box in tonight.

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