It’s Christmas

Apparently I am someone for whom it is tough to buy a Christmas present. Too demanding perhaps. Hard to please. And it seems I am entirely normal.

If you are experiencing the puzzle of trying to buy something useful for a wine-loving friend, look no further.Vouchers

We are delivering a Wine Appreciation Course in early January at our delicious new wine-boutique. At £40.00 per ticket (Imbibers £30.00), I guarantee these will be excellent and immersive value for the wine lover in your life. Or why not buy one for yourself and learn about your favourite drink in an informal and relaxed space. Very limited number available so get in quickly.

We have been asked about the glasses we are using in the new wine-boutique. They are a called Sublimes and are a bit special and we are enjoying using them for wines, some beers. I actually prefer sparkling wine from them too.

SublymsThe ones we are using are lined to make our retail pours accurate (and legal) but we also have some unlined which are perfect for the more generous home measure…..

Stock is now available in Felixstowe – 6 for £30.00 (Imbibers £22.50). Another terrific gift idea.

We are asked constantly; “do you sell jam?”. Well okay, that might be something of an exaggeration but, anticipating this question I shipped (at huge expense) some Cherry Jam from le Bignele in Valpolicella a little while ago.

Okay, so as jam goes, its a bit crap. Fantastic fruit but much too tart with less sugar than the stuff to which we are used. Face-puckering on toast in the style of a 2019 Bordeaux.

However, ‘er indoors discovered that it is a convincing cranberry sauce substitute with a roast chicken (vegetarian roasts are apparently also available) and, by extrapolation we believe absolutely perfect with roast Turkey.


Greenwold Towers will be dispensing it generously on the 25th and I recommend it to you. £2 a jar is less than I paid but a little charity at this time of year……



Winefantastic was created in 2000 to import and distribute interesting wines. We have established strong links with producers all over the world and are proud to offer their wines. We also part-own Beerfantastic which brews beer.

One comment

  • Hi Jason. Can we sign up for two of the wine appreciation courses please. We have to keep in mind tho we are expecting a grandchild @ Jan 16th. When do you think it will run?

    Best regards Mike


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